Better sex or money in the bank?

You only have one life, and it's your choice.

Sex isn't what it once was for you. You no longer feel that you need it every day, not even once a week. That is sad.

Function is also down. Sometimes it's up. And then it's down. Before the release. That's also sad.

And if there is a release, it seems a product of labor. It's not that it happens involuntarily. When you are near it, you feel you have to make it go as soon as possible, or it won't happen at all. That's even sadder.

On the bright side of things, you're better when it comes to making money. You have accumulated some wealth. You have money in the bank.

But then, what's that good for? You can't buy paradise after you are dead. Even if there were one, they wouldn't take greenbacks, euro, or renminbi.

Buy your paradise as long as you are alive. Quality sexual enhancement with butea superba, tongkat ali, and krachai dam may not be cheap but any way you turn it, it's the best use you could find for your money. And the sadness is gone more reliably then with alcohol or Prozac.

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